Only In Dreams: Foo Fighters

So yeah, I kind of just went tonight too.

In my defense, I didn’t know that was going to happen and was planning on writing this post tonight anyway. So I guess I’ll have to just do it, even though I already know the setlist. But that’s usually the case anyway.

1. ‘Doll’ into ‘Monkey Wrench’

I think that would be badass. ‘Doll’ is pretty much an intro anyways, so they’d flow perfectly.

2. ‘Bridge Burning’

3. ‘Times Like These’

4. ‘Learn To Fly’

They’ve got so many songs that would be great songs to open with that I’ve been forced to just stack them all at the beginning.

5. ‘Something From Nothing’

6. ‘The Pretender’

7. ‘Breakout’

See what I mean?

8. ‘Hey, Johnny Park!’

9. ‘Wind Up’

10. ‘Up In Arms’

11. ‘Enough Space’

I call this the “colour and shape” section of the setlist.

12. ‘In The Clear’

13. ‘Long Road To Ruin’

14. ‘Dear Rosemary’

15. ‘No Way Back’

Right there, #15, has got to be the most forgotten Foo Fighters song of all time. And that is a crying shame. Even Jack Johnson would agree with me.

16. ‘Generator’

17. ‘DOA’

18. ‘This Is A Call’

‘DOA’ is also very forgotten. I think both those tracks are better than ‘Best Of You’ personally.

19. ‘These Days’

20. ‘Big Me’

21. ‘All My Life’

22. ‘My Hero’

THAT is how you end a Foo Fighters… well main set not show. And even though they haven’t really been doing encores, this would be where the “dreams” part of the title comes in.


23. ‘Everlong’

It’s their best song.

24. ‘Walk’

Probably their best song since #23.

25. ‘New Way Home’

More “dreams” here: this one’s my favorite. Deep cut that may never be played live again, but let’s hope that someday i can scream, “I FELT LIKE SHIT ON MY WAY HOME!!!!”