A Day In The Life

As the Red Line train pulled into Andrew Square, the rainwater from last night’s storm found it’s way through a crack in the ceiling and onto my head and shoulders (no pun intended). Instead of getting up, I sat there and let it all fall. I don’t know what I was thinking, because it soaked me. There’s no deeper, existential meaning to this anecdote other than the fact that it’s good to open with an attention-grabbing tale to draw the reader in. Briefly considered changing the name to “Sgt. Buzzkill”.

But that actually did happen today. And I’m happy to say that was the lowest point of the day. Way, way lower than any other point. Maybe I subconsciously knew that if I sat there and took the rainwater, the world would quit scheming against me for a day. And it did. Thanks, big guy in the sky.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 12.13.32 AM

So when I FINALLY made it to Boston Commons for day six of the Outside The Box Performing Arts Festival (thanks to Susan Darian for recruiting me for this, woman is an angel), I was greeted by the start of former American Idol contestant Alex Preston’s set, as part of Radio 92.9’s Earth Fest.

2015-07-18 15.37.24

Kid CRUSHED it. Not sure how much (if any) music he’s got out, but 10/10 would recommend.

2015-07-18 16.00.43

Following Mr. Preston was Austalian band Atlas Genius. They also were freaking awesome!

2015-07-18 16.45.01

They’ve only got one album out now (*flames emoji*) and another on the way. I’m going to single out their bassist, who’s name I can not find because he’s only been described as “a Californian” and is not a full-fledged band member…yet. Not to take away from the other members, but if you zeroed in on the bass like I did, you’d realize just how talented this guys was. Their second album, Inanimate Objects is due out later this year.


(the numbers are something for the stage crew I think)

2015-07-18 16.36.42

I was also lucky enough to be able to shoot the shite with these guys for a little after the show as well.

I was also lucky enough to be invited out for beers with them after the music wrapped up. Aside from the fact that I’m 19 and don’t have a fake ID (as if that’s stopped me in the past), something else happened later on that took up my time.

So next comes New Politics.

Had I not been a highly sought-after recruit for this festival, they would’ve been the reason for my attendance. I’ve been listening to his band since ‘Harlem’ hit college radio in 2013. Safe to say I was STOKED.

2015-07-18 18.36.03

Apparently David Boyd actually won So You Think You Can Dance Denmark. Check out the highlights below, guy was spinning and flipping the whole show. I always say a showman separates a band (among the 10 other factors I say separate bands), and if it weren’t for his acrobatic expertise they’d just be an “okay” live act.

You can always tell when it’s me tweeting, because it’s a mediocre attempt at humor shot down by the arrogant contempt of the American public.

I’m always a fan first, which is exactly what I told the guys when I flipped my iPhone around for a selfie.

2015-07-18 18.57.26

Concert junky/music nerd over here always goes in for the kill. Don’t sell yourself short.


So I’m sitting backstage (hittin’ the club up, VIP) and after Jason Rossi from Radio 92.9 introduces Guster, I introduced myself to him, because the whole point of me doing this thing in the first place was to network (Amy Brooks from 92.9 might be my favorite human). I shit you not, while maintaining eye contact, we must’ve shook hands for a good minute, in the span of which he notices my Foo Fighters shirt, and offers me tickets to Saturday’s show.

AND OF COURSE I WENT! Got on the Green Line over to Kenmore right quick, headed up and took in the show from the grandstand at Fenway park! I must’ve called thirty people on my way over there, but no one could come. So John went alone, as if that’s anything new.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 1.56.29 AM

Because if there’s one thing that brings people together, it’s music. I still don’t know who these two people are, their names, backgrounds, occupations, or sexual history; you know, the essentials. But one man’s music (in this case, Noel Gallagher), can be another man’s mirth.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 2.00.33 AM

Or misery. Depending on how you mix your drinks.

How could this week get any better? Well, I am still carrying around a few Foos CDs with me just in case…