Well Well Well, Look Who Made It On The Daily Mail! (Hint: My Cousin)


Just a quick little blog to let you know about the great work my cousin Ashley is doing in the world of photography. She just graduated from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), which is kiiiiiiiiiiind of a big deal, and one of her most recent projects involved meeting a woman named Sheila down in Florida.

Who’s Sheila? Her biological mother. Ashley was adopted when she was a baby and was raised by my aunt and uncle over in Milton (Quincy>Milton, two presidents baby). She contacted the agency that helped make the adoption possible a few months ago and eventually got in touch with her mother. She traveled down to Florida and met her for the first time after over two decades.

Well once she posted the photo project, it caught like wildfire. I was seeing it shared left and right, and now it’s gotten so big that the Daily Mail wrote an article on it! That’s huge! PAGEVIEWS BABY!!!!

But in all seriousness, I could sit here and try and tell you about how great the project is. How moving, cool, emotional, fascinating, synonyms, and overall terrific it all is.

But I’m not gonna be able to do it any justice. You have to just see for yourself and read the backstory behind it on Daily Mail. The article does tell about the actual encounter itself (if they wanted to, they can make a traveling flute band since they both play). However, not all of the pictures taken are on there. For that, go to http://ashleycomer.com/meeting-sheila/ and enjoy. It’s truly worth it, trust me: I’m a blogger.

Congrats Ash! We’re all proud of you. Here’s to even bigger exposure in the future.