Matt Skiba is Officially 1/3rd of blink-182, Band Heading To Studio

This is what’s right. By Mark Hoppus, by Travis Barker, and by what may be the most devoted fan base ever.

And I know what everyone is thinking, specifically the musical pessimests and serial complainers: “Tom’s not in the band, it isn’t blink,whatever they do its going to suck”.

I just hope people can have an open mind about this one. Delongegate didn’t change the fact that Travis is a top three drummer of this generation, and Mark still has the voice of an angel. All that will change is the guitar, and there will be an absence of Tom’s songwriting, which I’ve recently noticed is pretty repetitive.

Let’s not write whatever’s next for blink off until we actually hear what’s next.

In March, the current trio performed their first show. Here’s that video:

Also, shout out Tom for not getting all lawyer-y and just letting the other guys go on.