Happy 10th Birthday To These Records

The 10th anniversary of a record is always a cause for celebration. At least when you’re me. Or the band that made the record. 2005 contains many albums I still listen to all the time. Here’s some of my favorites.

Jack’s Mannequin – Everything In Transit


Released: 23 August, 2005 (Maverick)

The oft-forgotten monicker of Andrew McMahon’s past, this may be the most underrated album of the last 10 years. Infectious choruses from start to finish, and enough quirkiness to make every listen laughable. Andrew McMahon recently hinted to Billboard that there may be a tenth anniversary tour in which the album will played in it’s entirety…TAKE MY MONEY!

Essentials: “Holiday From Real”, “The Mixed Tape”, “Bruised”, “Dark Blue”, “La La Lie”

Death Cab for Cutie – Plans

death cab plans

Released: 30 August, 2005 (Atlantic)

Death Cab’s followup to 2003’s Transatlantiism is just as dark and depressing, yet empowering and inspiring as it’s “claim-to-fame” predecessor.

Essentials: “Marching Bands Of Manhattan”, “Soul Meets Body”, “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”, “What Sarah Said”

The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan


Released: 7 June, 2005 (V2)

While I don’t know as much about this album as I’d like to, many fans have cited this as a perfect album (not that I haven’t listened to it, it’s electrifying).

Essentials: “Blue Orchid”, “My Doorbell”, “The Denial Twist”

Gorillaz – Demon Days


Released: 23 May 2005 (Parlophone)

The astonishingly clever sophomore album from the brainchild of Blur’s Damon Albarn and animator Jamie Hewlett, Demon Days found Albarn the popularity in America that Blur could never attain. Oh yeah, and they’ll be back soon.

Essentials: “Feel Good, Inc.”, “DARE”, “Dirty Harry”, “El Manana”, “Kids With Guns”

Oasis – Don’t Believe The Truth


Released: 30 May 2005 (Big Brother)

This album confirmed that the Gallagher’s weren’t washed up ’90s celebrities (see: Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth). This band did A LOT more after 1996. Foo Fighters even covered “Lyla” in 2005, only a few months after it was released. Listen to this album, and you won’t believe the “truth”.

Essentials: “Turn Up The Sun”, “Lyla”, “The Importance Of Being Idle”, “Let There Be Love.