Boston’s 2024 Summer Olympics Bid Has Been Withdrawn; City Avoids Future Hoopla

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Look: I’m sure having the Olympics in Boston would be wicked fun, in theory. I obviously love the city so much, and having the biggest sporting spectacle in your own backyard is something that would only come around once in a lifetime. So that’s cool.

But when you realize that the costs would far outweigh the benefits, and add the fact that there’s, I dunno, no fucking room for all of the things required to host the Summer games, then you realize that it’s not so cool.

This bid was doomed from the start. Not everyone in the area was on board from the get-go, probably due to the threat of taxes skyrocketing, so that was an instant killer.

You can talk about the money/tax aspect all you want, but even with that out of the picture the bid was uuuuuuugly. The issues involving traffic, the T, overall space, etc. were pointed out immediately and we never really got an answer to any of those problems. They wanted to do shit like put the aquatics center by the Allston train yard, which would fuck up the whole train situation. They wanted beach volleyball in my hometown of Quincy, specifically Squantum; the place where’s there is literally one road in and one road out. They pitched the “most walkable Olympics ever” and then suddenly expanded their plans to other cities and towns due to space constraints to make the games not-so-walkable.

The final nail in the coffin when it came to infrastructure and organization had to be when they found out that they forgot to include the International Broadcast Center in their plans. Yes, the one place where every major international news outlet imaginable would be headquartered for about three weeks was neglected.

Not many bright bulbs over there in Boston 2024 I guess, which isn’t surprising since their best arguments went along the lines of, “Golly, wouldn’t the Olympics in Boston be neat-o?!”

So who’s left in the battle for 2024? 4 surefire choices, and 1 probable additional option.

There’s Toronto (the probable, but not yet official, choice), Hamburg, Rome, and George Ezra’s personal pick, Budapest (I cringed writing that and I hope you cringed reading it as well). But, in my opinion, none of those are gonna win.

It’s gonna be that last city that’s already tossed its hat in the ring: Paris.

You don’t need to be a genius to know that Paris has the tools to pull off the Summer Olympics. It’s big enough, advanced enough, and cultured enough to host the Games with flying colors. They have world class stadiums within the city already and can obviously spare room to build and upgrade even more venues. To boot, 2024 would be the 100th anniversary of the last time Paris hosted the Olympics.

Ever since Sydney was awarded the Games in 2000, the IOC has been looking to change up the general location of the Summer Olympics. 2004 was the first time that Athens, the home of the modern Olympics, got the hosting rights in a while; Eastern Europe hadn’t had them in a while. 2008 was the first time that China had the opportunity to host. London had to wait a while to have them prior to 2012; the last time they held the Games was 1948. Next summer, Rio will be the first Brazilian city to host the Games. The most populated city on the planet, Tokyo, will host the 2020 edition of the Summer Olympiad, the first time since 1964.

Paris has done it’s time: it’s a major global city and it deserves to put on a spectacle like this. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Toronto or even Rome got it, but it’s Paris’ bid to lose. They just need to be sure not to surrender on the bid like we did…geddit? Paris? France? Surrender?


So goodbye and good riddance, Boston 2024: the bid we loved to hate. Boston’s an awesome place and I’m proud to call it its metro area my home, but it simply couldn’t handle the Olympics. If ya can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. With that out of the way, only one more big issue looms over us…