Roger Goodell Is About To Get His Ass Handed To Him In Court

Hefty Lefty couldn’t have said it any better. The NFL comes out and says that Tom Brady has been found guilty of “engaging in conduct detrimental to pro football”. The NFL, of all institutions, should be┬áthe last one to be coaching anyone one what is and is not considered “detrimental conduct”.


Let’s not forget Adrian Peterson.

Oh yeah, and GREG HARDY.

How is that by any means fair?┬áBrady’s punishment does not fit the crime. PSI in footballs in a blow out game? That argument is millions of years behind us. Greg Hardy should not be allowed to play in this league again. Ray Rice was initially given a full-year ban, but won his appeal and had the suspension reduced to six games. ALL BECAUSE THERE WAS A VIDEO. There was no video of Greg Hardy’s *alleged* crime. But the evidence?

Well, we don’t have the actual photos themselves, but Greg Hardy’s case evidence files were made public. There are over 50 photos of injuries sustained by his then girlfriend.

Four games.

Tom Brady?

No evidence. Nothing. To quote Ted Wells, “generally aware”. Not a shred of evidence.

But why are the four games being upheld?

It’s the cell phone. As was said by the NFL today, Tom Brady allegedly had his assistant destroy his cell phone the day of the initial interview, March 6th. Assuming he was instructed to do so by legal advisors, this still is not EVIDENCE. It is being considered destroying potential evidence, which is why the four games are upheld. A fine should be the punishment, but no. Four games. Just like Greg Hardy.

But to be honest, I’m happy with this decision. Because now, we get to go to federal court. Everyone secretly wanted to anyways. Court is the shit. Part of me is thinking Roger Goodell upheld this (took him over a month, due process doesn’t exist in the NFL) just because he knows he’s going to get bent over in court anyway. Prepare your anus, Roger.