According to Wikipedia, Meek Mill is Dead

Sick typo, Fitz. Drame is a nasty rapper. (The whole death thing might be gone by now but hey that’s why I tweeted it when I saw it).


Oh internet, never change.

God, “Wanna Know” was bad. “Charged Up” sounded like garbage but at least it was lyrically OK. Meek just fucked everything up.

Seriously, if two rappers get into a feud and both are garbage, does it really matter?

kdot crap

Drake has a handful of OK songs, though. “9AM in Dallas,” “Over,” “Headlines,” and “Trophies” are songs I’ll listen to. Other than that I’m not really a fan. Didn’t wanna put him up top with those others guys and I had to keep the form of the movie reference/meme so that’s why he’s after the 50 feet of crap. And obviously I’m missing a few other good rappers up top, but it’s basically a triumvirate of Kendrick, Cole, and Kanye.

But regardless, #RestInPizzaMeek

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