Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation : Movie Review

Well, another Mission Impossible movie, another means of Tom Cruise proving that he’s in better shape than the average teenager despite being a month older than my Dad. That being said, Rogue Nation is another solid entry in the series, even after M:I – Ghost Protocol, which changed the rap game in terms of raising the stakes and stunts in the series. This entry is a little more tense. You’re kept guessing as to who’s on who’s side, which ramps up the tension through the film’s action sequences, whether it’s a high speed chase or an underwater sequence that has you holding your breath along with the characters (not advised, as you will probably pass out in the theatre). Just as in Ghost Protocol, the team aspect of the film plays a major part. Jeremy Renner returns as Agent Brandt, who surprisingly provided almost more comic relief than Simon Pegg, who shines as Benji, and not just in a comedic aspect. Ving Rhames reprises his role as Luther Stickell, who along with Cruise/Hunt is the only character to appear in every entry and he’s great too. Of course I can’t fail to mention the new female lead, Rebecca Ferguson stars as Ilsa Faust and WOW is she awesome, dangerous, mysterious, and beautiful all at the same time. She really stunned the crowd. Also a note, the villain is more intriguing and creepy than Ghost Protocol’s, you probably couldn’t even remember who the villain was in that one could you? But still doesn’t beat Philip Seymour Hoffman’s bad guy from M:I 3.  Yeah I think you all get the point by now, great cast, great humor, great action, Tom Cruise kicking ass, running funny, and being poised to look taller than his 5’7 frame; pretty much what you’ve come to expect from a Mission: Impossible movie these days, and I’m not complaining one bit.