Only In Dreams: Brandon Flowers

Because the truth is, I’ve listened to enough of his solo stuff to be able to do one of these for a solo show. Obviously there’s gotta be some ground rules here.

1. 13 main set songs, three encore.

2. Three Killers songs allowed on the setlist.

3. See conditions 1 + 2.

His new LP The Desired Effect is pitch perfect. No doubt about it. Anything slapped with the “Universal Acclaim” medal on Metacritic has gotta be. Unfortunately there are also some tracks from Flamingo I’d like to hear as well, so I couldn’t put the whole album in here. Making cuts is the hardest part.

Main Set:

1. “Dreams Come True”

Brandon Flowers loves to write songs that are meant to open shows with. And then put those songs at the forefront of the album.

2. “Can’t Deny My Love”

A rather abrasive track but nonetheless a hit (in the UK at least) that would fit perfectly in the #2 spot.

3. “Between Me and You”

Let’s keep it mellow for a second.

4. “Crossfire”

And now let’s let it rip.

5. “Magdalena”

He’s really got a knack for this whole “heartland rock” thing. Telling stories of fictional or real people and their hardships, but this one at least sounds happy, and is very catchy.

6. “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine”


7. “Diggin’ Up The Heart”

The description for #5 fits here as well.

8. “Only The Young”

This isn’t a cover of the Journey song.

9. “Untangled Love”

Switched off between loud and down beat here.

10. “Still Want You”

This song is weird but attention grabbing. This ’80s thing really works for him.

11. “The Clock Was Tickin'”

YOLO. This is a bonus track from Flamingo , and yes, it’s a country song. No way around. Like or hate it, I love it.

12. “Why Do I Keep Counting?”

Dream on. That’s all I have to say to myself.


13. “Sam’s Town”

At Firefly, Brandon walks up to the piano, I literally went ballistic thinking he was going to play it, but he just starts singing “Spaceman”, which they already played, and then he just gets up and they start playing “Bling (Confessions Of A King)”. WHAT THE FCK MAN?!?!?!

14. “Lonely Town”

You know the talent is real when he can take four simple piano notes, drag them out through the entire track, and have it be the best song on the album.

15. “Jilted Loves & Broken Hearts”

This song should have been on Sam’s Town. Dammit Brandon. It’s got the whole signature Killers bass thing going on, and he does the scream thing known from “Read My Mind” and “This River Is Wild”. Catchy AF too.