Opinion: Stop Complaining About Caitlyn Jenner Winning the Arthur Ashe Courage Award

Why the fuck are people still complaining about Caitlyn Jenner’s Arthur Ashe Award? Seriously. What the actual fuck? Every time I go on Facebook, I have to see this bullshit:


Why are people still talking about this? We all have those friends on Facebook that just can’t let that shit go. I understand that your political views prohibit you from recognizing Caitlyn Jenner’s courage. Many have mentioned the fact that courage comes in many forms, not just the act of defending your country. But seriously consider what you are getting so worked up about.

This award is a fucking Espy. Who gives a single solitary fuck about the Espys? Is it Espys or Espies? I honestly don’t even care enough to look that up. They gave LeBron an Espy for best finals performance and his team fucking lost. He won that over Tom Brady and I only cared for like five minutes. Because at the end of the day, who really gives a shit? You, person posting and/or sharing these stupid pictures on Facebook, do you actually care about the Espys/Espies (I’m still not looking that shit up) or are you just using this to express your inexplicable hatred for Caitlyn Jenner? And just as a side note, how was ESPN not going to give that award to Caitlyn Jenner? It was the perfect time to do it. She had just been in the news for her transition. Why the fuck would they ignore that type of good press?

And besides, what does this award actually mean in the grand scheme of things? Nothing. The only thing that truly matters here is that these people – Caitlyn Jenner, soldiers, basketball playing cancer patients – are all courageous. And they are better for the actions that they took. Do you think that the soldier who lost his limbs is really torn up about the fact that he didn’t get this award? I can’t be sure but I would bet and hope that he isn’t. He didn’t make the sacrifices he made to win an Espy, he did it because he is a tremendously amazing person. And Caitlyn Jenner did what she did to be more authentic to herself, using her fame to raise awareness. To me that is courage.

Look, if you truly don’t believe that Caitlyn Jenner is courageous for what she did, then you have a very flawed understanding of the challenges that come with being a non-heterosexual person in this country, particularly a trans person. I honestly probably won’t get through to you here, so you can fuck right off of my webpage. Transgender people report suicide attempt, harassment/bullying, and anti-Trans violence rates that can only be described as terrifying. And you, assuming you have stuck around this long, are part of the problem. You seem pretty motherfucking courageous to me.