‘Deadpool’ Trailer looks to Flip the Comic-Book Movie Rap Game on its Head

Wow, at this point we pretty much know what to expect from a comic book movie right? Well, think again, as the red band trailer for ‘Deadpool’ starring Ryan Reynolds dropped a few days ago. If you have’t seen it, well the link is right there so give in a gander. Holy shit, an R-rated dark comedy about a superhero who has no problem shooting or stabbing bad guys? This will be Kick-Ass except a 1000x better than that movie could’ve dreamed of being (at least, I hope). Nice to see Ryan Reynolds joining Chris Evans on the train for “My first superhero movie sucked ass so I’m gonna make another one and it’s gonna be unreal”. Reynolds even goes so far as to make fun of his shitty superhero movie in the trailer, “And please don’t make the super suit green… or animated”. Yeah I’ll give Reynolds a pass for that X-Men movie he was in that was also shitty, apparently he was shocked that 20th Century Fox even greenlit this stand-alone ‘Deadpool’ to be made because of it’s hard R content. It’s literally looking at every other super serious superhero movie and laughing at it. Right after he guns down a few bad guys he looks at the camera and says “ahhhh I’m gonna touch myself tonight” like who can get away with that in a superhero movie? And who else would pay money to see such a raunchy Marvel superhero? I will, and I’ll go ahead and assume many other college age dudes will flock to the theaters to see the movie about a hilarious asshole who becomes a superhero and kills bad guys. This movie was made to make us laugh and haves fun, just like any other Marvel movie, except this one’s a lot darker… and R-rated.

P.S. Yeah I know even though he’s a Marvel Superhero that Marvel Studios does’t have his rights, Fox does, which explains why the movie isn’t a soft PG-13, but whatever, it’s still funny. Keep yelling at me.