Kevin Blackistone Came At Quincy’s (Houghs) Neck On Around The Horn Yesterday

On hearing that Tom Brady was thinking of building a house in our terrific city.

Dude, what the fuck?

What’s up with that Blackistone? Thought we were boys!

He said he used to live in Boston (he used to report for the Globe) so we, in the Boston area, “(knows) what (he’s) talking about.”

First of all, pronounce it right Kev: it’s Quin-zee and not Quin-see. We’re not that soft. Second, Quincy has gotten (a lil’) better since your time here so before you get jumped by the Quincy Center T station, get out of my face with that baby back bullshit.

Tom Brady would love a house in Germantown Wollaston The Neck North Quincy Squantum and he would add to our terrific résumé of leaders of our country. John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Hancock, the guy who started Dunkin’ Donuts, Tom Brady: how many American heroes does your city have?

He immediately lost points after making that point so I guess Tony Reali is on our side here.

Didn’t say it right, again, but at least he’s with us.

If you’re not with the City of Presidents, you’re against it. Sure, people like to steal Baby Jesus from the Nativity scene at the graveyard every year. Sure, our rat population is climbing. Sure, our mayor is an idiot. Sure, our public transportation is horrifying. Sure, it takes five decades to build something around here. Sure, our city isn’t perfect. But you know what? It’s our imperfect city. Blackistone is officially on our most wanted list. He don’t wanna see this sign anytime soon,

because that means some raidahz and presidentz are gonna trample him. A collection of aspiring rappers, druggies, and high school freshmen aren’t gonna let him talk shit about the Q any longer.


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