Viral ‘Goodnight Mommy’ Trailer Looks to Terrify American Audiences by Making Them Read

This trailer made its rounds around the twitter sphere, creeping out anyone and everyone who watched it. According to IMDB, the movie’s about two nine year old twin boys who anxiously await the return of their mother from cosmetic surgery, but when she returns, the boys notice she is not herself, and begin to suspect this woman is not their mother at all. Pretty frightening right? But what left most watchers breathless was when the little boys spoke… German.

surprised patrick             surprised koala

You bastards. You sick bastards.

Yup. Everyone’s worst nightmare is realized, this movie is foreign, from Austria to be exact. Although this one looks terrifying enough to make me shit my pants, will Americans be willing to read their way through it? Now foreign movies aren’t all bad, The Raid and The Raid 2 (from Indonesia) are probably in the top 5 action movies I’ve ever seen. I was willing to put up with the subtitles to see Iko Uwais kick everyone’s ass. He did such a good job kicking ass in both those films that JJ Abrams cast him in the new Star Wars trilogy. Maybe this movie can pull it off and be so terrifying and unnerving that people still pay to go see it and it makes a decent amount of cash for a limited US release. The choice is yours America. ‘Goodnight Mommy’ is in limited theaters August 14th.