True Detective Season 2 Finale Review/ Me Complaining about the True Detective Season 2 Finale

HAHA sorry I just had to include this somewhere so I thought why not right at the beginning of the review. The second season of True Detective came to a close Sunday night. Reactions ranged from negative to moderate-but-leaning-towards-negative.

Spoiler Warning

First of all, this season proved that with a mustache, you are seen as a creepy burnt-out violent drunk. But without one, the female partner you’ve known for months and has always looked at you with disgust will fall in love with you and bare your child.

Well, the bad guys won this season, for the most part. Paul, Ray, and Frank are all dead, Ani (who’s first name I never knew until the finale) fled to Venezuela with Frank’s annoying ass wife. The asshole that killed Paul and Ray survives and is there at the grand opening of the “Paul Woodrugh Memorial Highway” just to spit in our faces one last time. Oh yeah, and Caspere’s killers were the orphans of people killed in the jewelry store heist Caspere masterminded in 1992. And did I know this shit from watching the show? Hell no, I read it all in articles after the fact because I had no idea what the hell was going on this whole season to be honest.

This show had a lot of problems, but I think the biggest is that they tried to make us care about characters we didn’t care about. The prolonged scene of Frank sending his wife to Venezuela was supposed to be a heartfelt scene but I just couldn’t wait for the scene to be over. I think the silver lining in this finale was Ray going to see his son one last time, no words exchanged, just the feeling when Ray sees that Chad still holds onto his Grandfather’s badge was enough for Ray to know that his son does love him. That was a great scene, after noticing this, Ray gives his son a salute, which he returns, that was the only time in this episode that I felt anything about a character. Frank’s death was dumb, I would’ve respected a fatal shootout that ends with Frank killing the Mexicans but sustaining fatal wounds in the process, maybe he leaves his annoying wife a touching voicemail, kinda like Blood Diamond. But no, he was stabbed after a half-assed attempt of throwing some haymakers at the Mexican leader while surrounded by his armed thugs in the middle of a desert. He bleeds out trying to walk 10,000 miles back to civilization. Ray’s death wasn’t so bad, he died similarly to how I would’ve liked Frank to go, I just wish Ray was able to kill more than just like 2 of the bad guys in the process. I felt nothing when Frank died, I felt a little when Ray died, and I was like “oh wow that was rather surprising” when Paul got shot in the back. I guess Ani giving all her information to the reporter is hope that vengeance would come in the form of publicity but hey we’ll never see how that pans out.  I guess this ending would’ve been a lot more shocking had we actually cared about what was happening or any of the characters for that matter.

Get your shit together for season 3 Pizzolatto.

P.S. I guess if they’re gonna go with the whole “bad guys win” route, I’m glad that we didn’t really give a shit about the good guys. Interesting fact I learned from IMDB was that the original ending Nic Pizzolatto had in mind for season one was that Rust and Marty would enter the maze chasing the killer, only to never be seen or heard from again, but changed his mind in favor of the happy ending. The original ending would’ve been twisted and kinda cool I must admit, that being said, the two main characters were so interesting and liked by fans so Pizzolatto made the right choice.