New Politics Take A Victory Lap On ‘Vikings’

New Politics, Vikings

DCD2 Records

14 August, 2015



How these three guys are able to infuse so many elements into one righteous sound still baffles me. On A Bad Girl In Harlem, their bona fide masterpiece, David, Soren and Louis were impeccably able to blend enslaving pop hooks with chaotic punk rock, all while maintaining their status as an indie rock trio.

As the title suggests, Vikings is nothing new. If A Bad Girl In Harlem had won a Grammy, Vikings is their acceptance speech… and the after party. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Instead, let’s celebrate it and get drunk with out friends while listening to it. Ultimately, that’s the goal here. Make some arena-caliber anthems that let everyone know that they may be “just some kids from the West End”, but now they’re the “kings & queens and run this city”. And in the name of everything that is silly and fun, listen all the way through. Because there are two hidden tracks within the closer “Strings Attached” that will make you laugh and sing, right after you finish shouting “I GOT NO STRINGS ATTACHED TO ME!”

Standout Tracks: “Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens), “West End Kids”, “Girl Crush” “Loyalties Among Thieves”, “Stardust”, “Aristocrat”, “Strings Attached”.

Oh and I have to include that I love this band and I met them and they’re awesome.

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