Don’t Believe Everything You Read On Twitter

So last night I attempted to jump onto the train being driven by one @MikeGasior on Twitter.

Did I believe this report? Of course not. But I did take it as a chance to get the site some traffic as well as see if I too could cause a stir by tweeting about.

I was 50% on the night.

So the site did get a lot of traffic for a couple of hours after that tweet went out. Victory is mine. But unfortunately my tweet went unnoticed. Next time I’ll jump on the premature report train before people like Mike Gasior, who actually appears to be pretty credible if you click on his site and view his resume (I know there’s an accent there, I don’t know how to do it so we’ll move on.

But all of this scuttlebutt did revolve around one thing: Tom Brady. Deflategate yada yada yada we all know what’s been going on.

In Manhattan today, Judge Berman once again let the NFL have it regarding their whole process and the Wells Report.


And that of course is Mr. Stephen Brown, who went from 700 followers to 30.5K and a blue check in only a week. If he doesn’t get some job out of this I’d be shocked.

Oh yeah, and I think Brady has this one.


He’s winning in the process war, the evidence war, and the opinion of the judge war. Why would he settle at this point when it’s clear which side the judge will rule in favor of? Why take a game? If Brady settles with the NFL before he and Roger Goodell have a mandated appearance in Manhattan for a third and final time, it will only be for a fine, and that’s just to get it over with once and for all. There is no way the NFL can stick by the whole “you need to admit the Wells Report is 100% correct” rhetoric and expect to get anything accomplished. If the settlement offer isn’t a fine or less, then Brady will happily show up on August 31st, walk into that courtroom, look Roger Goodell in the eye and say, “You lose! You drank fizzy liftng drink!”. Then Judge Berman hands the NFL a length of rope before September 4th and says, “You know what to do.”