Watch Taylor Swift Perform “Smelly Cat” With Lisa Kudrow In LA Last Night

If you listen closely, you can hear every white girl in the world spontaneously combusting.

This wasn’t even the only guest celebrity performance on the night. Tay’s fifth night performing at the Staples Center in LA, with the other four including appearances by Beck and St. Vincent, Alanis Morissette, someone from The Dixie Chicks, Ellen Degeneres, Joey from Friends, Chris Rock, Julia Roberts, and Kobe Bryant. And that’s only in the five LA shows.

Last night she also performed some terrible pop song with “bestie” Selena Gomez, and then there was “Mirrors”, AKA the bona fide 2012 song of the summer/year, with JT himself.

Side Note: I first noticed this in the Beck clip but the JT clip further confirms it: Taylor Swift it great at walking around stage doing nothing while the guest artist sings. I mean it, she looks fantastic.