Horror Master Wes Craven passes away at 76

wes craven

Iconic horror movie maker Wes Craven passed away Sunday at the age of 76 from brain cancer. Any movie fan knows his name, other than John Carpenter, no other horror director’s name is more well-known (if there’s someone else, I’m sorry I’m drawing a blank). His career began in 1972 when he wrote, directed, and edited the Last House on the Left. A movie that broke barriers in what was shown in movies, and caused much controversy. He went on to create “The Hills Have Eyes” in 1977 and  started the legendary “Nightmare on Elm Street” saga in 1984. Yep thats right, he’s the guys who created Freddy Kruger. My personal favorite creation of his is the “Scream” franchise. He made fun of horror movies while making a good horror movie… kinda like “The Cabin in the Woods” before it was cool. And yes, all four of the movies/franchises I mentioned have been remade in some form, thats probably why you recognize the titles to these but are confused by the year it was released. His most recent project was ‘Scream 4’ in 2011, and he was a producer on the MTV remake of “Scream” as a tv series. Despite his movies containing grizzly acts and violence, Craven was also known for being an incredibly nice and caring guy. Rest in Peace Wes, Hollywood and movie fans everywhere will miss you.