Judge Berman Could Side With Brady, Thanks To ESPN’s Josina Anderson And A Past Ruling

Welllllllllll, welllllllllll, welllllllll Roger! Sounds like a court of law has called out some bullshit on some other overpowered and unfair CBAs too! Sound familiar?

The NFL can toss around their collective bargaining agreement card for however long they want, but in the United States of America, there’s these little things called labor laws, and Goodell stepped over those boundaries. He violated those labor rights when he appointed himself the “independent” arbitrator of Tom Brady’s appeal. A CBA can say whatever the hell it says, but labor laws trump anything said in aforementioned CBA, including unfairly selecting arbitrators.

And Judge Berman, long story short, backed that up in another CBA dispute a few months ago in NYC. The Association of Wall-Ceiling & Carpentry Industry of N.Y., Inc. went against the city, saying that their CBA was violated in a case similar to Brady’s, minus the PSI element and media mishaps. Judge Berman ruled in favor of the association, saying that the arbitration in their case “…(violated) the essence of the CBA.”

The Deflategate case is not much different. Roger Goodell twisted what the CBA aims to do in order to avoid making himself look like a fucking moron. But, just like in the Ray Rice case (not to compare the seriousness between air pressure and domestic violence; I mean in terms of Goodell’s reactions to solving the issue at hand), Goodell tried to push everything off to the side. He closed his eyes, said “Beatlejuice” three times, and wished it all went away by making himself the arbitrator. He’s such an egomaniac that he can’t deal with anyone disagreeing with him; that’s why the NFL is just full of yes men. And yet again, because he’s a baby back bitch and doesn’t have the gonads to solve an issue head on or admit that he was wrong, a whole tower of gorilla shit has built up and it’s about to fall down all over him and his stupid face. Hell, even Darrel “The Squid” Rovell has pointed out that not many people believe him anymore. I can’t stand the narc, but at least Rovell is spewing the facts. Serves Goodell right.

On a side note, out of all of the news outlets covering this case, who would’ve predicted that ESPN would be the one to help out Brady’s case? I mean, they’ve been horrible in their reports making mistakes lehft and right and have given the Pats no love. Not even saying that as a Pats fan, I’m saying that as a rational thinking human being. You’d have to figure they wouldn’t say anything against the league considering the monster TV deal they have, but good for Josina Anderson for being a solid journalist (also a hat tip for Rovell for finally reporting something in an ethical/proper way) and doing the right thing by presenting the straight forward facts with no chaser. The truth hurts, Rog.

Hey Goodell, Y DA FUK U LYYYYIN’?!?!