The Wall Stands, But We Will Never Forget


Tom Brady is free. Since the AFC Championship game last January, Patriots fans everywhere have lined up to defend the wall in the face of a cowardly, pathetic, seven month long siege from the likes of Indianapolis, Bob Kravitz, Mike Kensil, Chris Mortenson, ESPN, the New York Post, the NFL, Roger Goodell, and all the other peasants around the nation, eager to throw stones at the king. A siege aimed at tearing down and tarnishing the extraordinary and unprecedented accomplishments of one of the most fierce competitors in the history of sports and the greatest quarterback to ever live. The accomplishments of a man of average stature and mediocre physical endowment who was drafted 199th overall who scratched and clawed for every inch of his rise to becoming the greatest there ever was.

But seven months later, the wall still stands, Tom Brady is free, and the lowly band of Patriots haters who tried to destroy his reputation have been forced to retreat back to there sad little lives with their tail between their legs.

This is a great day and a great win for Brady, the NFLPA, and the Patriots and their fans. This is a great day for justice, fairness, truth, and reason. After all, its been an incredible honor and privilege to grow up watching and rooting for Tom Brady, and who knows how many years he has left in the tank, so it goes without saying thank God Roger Goodell and the NFL didn’t steal four games of Tom Brady from us. That, of course, would have been nothing shy of a travesty.

But that doesn’t mean Tom Brady will forgive or forget about the unjust assault he’s been subjected to day after day for the past seven months. That doesn’t mean Patriots fans will forget about having their team dragged through the mud month after month by the rest of the country. After all, “the North Remembers.” Anybody who’s seen The Brady 6 knows that Tom has played with an unrelenting chip on his shoulder for the past 13 years. You better believe that chip has grown bigger than ever over the course of this saga, and Brady will be out for blood this season perhaps like never before. With his career window starting to close, expect to get 150% of Tom Brady this season, and all those who sat back this offseason and hurled cheap shots at him would be wise to run for the hills, because the bad guys coming for ya.