After Week 1 College Football Rankings

1. Ohio State: The Champs didn’t look their best at times but still won by 18 on the road utilizing all of their talent, scary good.  They have four players who could contend for the Heisman, more than most conferences.
2. Alabama: Jake Coker and Derrick Henry looked strong against a good Badgers team. The SEC will be tough but if anyone can get through it the Tide will.
3. TCU: Not the start expected but a road win at Minnesota is impressive and will look good to the Committee come December.
4. Notre Dame: Looked really strong against a Texas team that isn’t that good, but Malik Zaire is the real deal, games against USC and Georgia Tech will define them.
5. Michigan State: Not the best start but a win is a win. Despite what happens against Oregon this Saturday their season will be defined by a trip to Columbus.
6. Oregon: We will find out a lot about this team Saturday in East Lansing, a win will turn them into a top notch playoff contender and Vernon Adams into a Heisman contender.
7. Baylor: Very talented team, the jury is out until they play a Big 12 game.
8. UCLA: Josh Rosen is the real deal, and his growth this year will determine whether or not they contend for the Playoff.
9. Clemson: Deshaun Watson is scary good and if he turns into a Heisman contender the Tigers just might be playing on New Years Eve.
10. Auburn: Not the best start for Jeremy Johnson and the team in total. They won’t get through the SEC West if they play like that again.
11. USC: Can this team get through the distractions from Sarkasian? If they do, they will contend for the Pac-12.
12. Georgia Tech: This team was great last year and might be better this year, an outside chance at the Playoff if Justin Thomas puts up big numbers.
13. Georgia: This team will be defined by how they can out of the likes Grayson Lambert and Nick Chubb.  They be helped by being in the SEC East and not the West.
14. Florida State: If Everett Golson becomes his old self from 2012 then this team could be very good again.
15. Texas A&M: Kyle Allen is good and the Aggies looked strong once again in the season opener. They need to avoid a collapse like that season though and it will be tough in the SEC West.
16. LSU: Leonard Fournette will see lots of carries this fall, and time will tell if he can carry an SEC West team, starting Saturday at Mississippi State.
17. Arkansas: A big up and coming team that is getting better every year under Bielma. We might be jumping the gun putting them this high but Brandon Allen is a good quarterback.
18. Oklahoma: Some people picked this team to make the Playoff, I’m not buying that but they will be a solid team.
19. Ole Miss: Will save any real judgement of this team to when they play an FBS team.  Robert Nkemdiche is a beast.
20. Boise State: If this team gets through BYU this week, they will probably run the table.  A 13-0 team will get consideration from the Committee if the SEC is as crazy as we expect.
21. Missouri: Every year they seem to be average but they have made two straight SEC title games so I will jump on the bandwagon already.
22. Arizona: Losing Scooby Wright will hurt the defense big time but Anu Soloman might be able to carry this team until he is back.

23. Utah: Good win in Harbaugh’s debut that should carry momentum regardless of how good Michigan turns out to be this year.
24. Wisconsin: Nothing wrong with a loss to Alabama on a neutral field, one would think that Corey Clement will play better as the season goes along.
25. Mississippi State: As long as they have Dak Prescott they will be good, but they face a gauntlet of a schedule.

With nine SEC teams in the rankings and all seven teams from the West in the rankings this conference is stacked but it will catch up to them.  It is possible to have a two-loss champion which could make the committee question inclusion.  It will be a fun year in that conference.

Week 2 Games to Watch (AP Rankings)

#7 Oregon (1-0) at #5 Michigan State (1-0): Huge game for the Ducks that would put them square in the playoff picture.  It is a big game for State but their trip to Ohio State will define how their season goes.

#14 LSU (0-0) at #25 Mississippi State (1-0): The first of many good SEC games with Heisman hopefuls Leonard Fournette and Dak Prescott.  Both of these teams have brutal schedules and cannot afford a loss if they want to win the SEC West.

#19 Oklahoma (1-0) at #23 Tennessee (1-0): Both of these teams have optimistic fan bases and this game will give one of them lots of hopes as the season continues, it will be a tough environment for Baker Mayfield to play in.