Bracketville Season 2 Is Live! “Best Sports Video Game Series”

That’s right, your favorite WMUA Sports podcast is back!

Bracketville has returned for another season of debates, suspense, laughter, anger, confusion, romance hot takes, zingers, and me losing my train of though.

For the first episode, we discussed which video game series is the best. 24 of them in there dueling it out in a brand spankin’ new group system, making its debut here, with Josh McCawley, Matt Stromski, Alex Levitt, and n00b Pat Long deciding these games’ fate.

All the classics are there, folks. Madden, 2K, FIFA, NHL, MVP, all the EA street and Midway psycho games (NHL Hitz, MLB Slugfest, NFL Blitz), The Show, NCAA Football and Basketball, etc. Shit, even Mario makes an appearance or two.

Only one way to find out who wins, though, and that’s to tune in!

Again, if you missed it at the top here it is again:

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