ICYMI: “Stitched Up” Premiered on WMUA This Morning

This morning at midnight, Fitzy and I tore through two hours of soda-induced rambling about the snapchat update, #Toiletgate, Coldplay, and Thursday Night Football. All in between some of the finest music humanity has to offer. For those who missed it (suckers), here’s the playlist:

And yes, the Nickelback thing was stunt.

For future shows I’ll be recording it and uploading it as a podcast as well for my “friends” that “can’t make it to midnight” because we’re “at a frat” and “cannot” leave.

Aaaaaaand tomorrow Umass football is playing Temple at Gillette and your boy is doing play by play. Same station. WMUA 91.1 (stream @ WMUA.org), 2:45 pm.