Are We Just Not Gonna Talk About This Lady Using Her Dog As A Weapon?

Ummmmm, WHAT?!

That’s some straight inhumane shit; I love it! This chick is nuts! Sign her up for the Patriots or something because she has this killer instinct where she’ll do anything to see her enemies defeated.

That poor pug, man, none the wiser that his/her (no idea what gender the dog is, although I’ll usually call every dog a¬†boy, even if I know 250% that it’s a girl; cue¬†the outrage?) owner is batshit¬†crazy. Has no idea that she’s gonna¬†start using him/her as a whip like Santa against Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, or Vixen and then start carrying him/her like a yo-yo.

You can tell the dog wanted to at least be involved in one way or another; I mean, he/she did hop onto the victim. Maybe the dog got excited because they wanted to meet a new friend. Or, maybe he/she wanted to rip their face off. I’d say the former because dogs are fuckin’¬†awesome and I’ve never seen a dangerously¬†aggressive¬†pug before, but hey who knows?

I retweeted this a little while ago (@BfitzP17 if you didn’t know!) and figured it was gonna pick up steam. I mean, it¬†is¬†the Internet and I feel like this was made artificially in a Reddit¬†king’s viral-video-making laboratory. This has all of the qualifications of a video with millions of views.

But no. It’s been lost in the mess that is the world wide web. Drowned in crappy Buzzfeed posts, an abundance of bruh’s,¬†literally dead rn’s,¬†and I can’t even’s, Twitter keyboard warriors and #activists, and rats carrying pizzas down stairs. The Internet giveth¬†and the Internet taketh¬†away, so I guess this is gonna be our own little thing for us to enjoy. But again, like I just mentioned, at least that means Buzzfeed won’t make a BS quiz about it!

“Are you the pug, the woman, the leash, the sidewalk, the person attacked, or the person filming?!?!?!?!?! Take this quiz with your friend to find out!!!!!!!!11!1!1!”