So There’s Gonna Be An Angry Birds Movie in 2016

Teenagers of 2010, rejoice!!!!

When I saw that this was gonna be a thing, I was sure I thought it was gonna be pure and utter crap. Nothing like a trailer for a movie that just shoots up red flags all over the place. Like you just KNEW Pixels was gonna be absolute trash after the preview.

So I thought that was gonna be the case with The Angry Birds Movie. I didn’t know who was in it, or how the fuck you make a 90+ minute feature presentation out of a game that no one besides 40 year old #hip moms play and 7 year olds who, unjustly, have iPhone 6S’s.

Now, I’m simply on the fence solely because of the cast. Jason Sudekis is hilarious, Josh Gad (former decorated speechie!) is very talented as well, Bill Hader can make me laugh any day of the week, and Danny McBride is perfect for the bird that blows up. Tony Hale/Buster Bluth, Maya Rudolph, and Keegan Michael-Key are in there as well, so the cast if full of some comedy studs.

But again, I dunno how you can pull it off. Maybe a lack of a storyline from an app maybe opens some doors that weren’t open before? No true plot from the game leads to creativity as far as the eye can see? Who knows at this point.

I think it’ll revolve around how well everyone fits their character. Like I said, you’re 1/1 with Danny McBride as the bomb, but if Tony Hale doesn’t play the little blue bird that turns into three even smaller birds then that’s a…..wait for it……huge mistake.

Didn’t wake up today thinking I was gonna blog about this movie, but the cast was too much to ignore. Blog life don’t sleep, people. I guess I’m the official Stitched Up Angry Birds guy now? By default? Hmm, maybe so.