Stitched Up Review: The Martian

martian2015  The Martian’, directed by Ridley Scott, stars Matt Damon as an astronaut that gets stranded on the Red Planet after being separated by a storm that forces his crew to abandon their mission and return home. With Damon’s character presumed dead by the world, he must learn to survive, and make contact with Earth with what he has left. Overall, this is a nasty movie, stunning special effects, Matt Damon is awesome as usual, way better movie than that 2013 space one with Sandra Bullock yelling and complaining for an hour and half. Man is that movie over rated.

This story knows its audience, it knows that it can’t be too serious with the risk of boring you, and that it can’t be too humorous without losing all of its tension. Also something worth mentioning, what a cast, there were many faces that I did expect and did not expect to see here (no spoilers), and it was awesome. I’m not so sure how those roles would’ve faired had they been played by less interesting actors, so nice job there Ridley. Only problem I have is some pacing issues in the first half of the movie, you can tell that the studio cut the film’s runtime. This affects how invested we are in the characters, and although it mostly makes up for it in the latter half of the movie; it would’ve been nice to have some more time to get to know our characters a little better. Give ‘The Martian’ a go, you won’t be disappointed.