As Hockey Season Approaches, Let’s take a Look at Some of the Greatest Calls in Recent Years


Hockey season is upon us, and that means we get to listen to this stud’s voice every week if he deems a game worthy of his greatness. Doc gives no shits,and is the greatest commentator in sports. When I watch a playoff game, especially the Bruins, my heart is beating out of my chest. I’ve watched games without the sound on and felt nothing. It’s all about the commentators, ratchets up the intensity 100x. That being said, lets take a look at some of the best and/or hilarious calls in recent years.

First up


Caps vs Rangers, playoffs, what more could you ask for. You could ask for a Mike Green slap shot post in OT. Doc’s “SCOREEEE” is music to my ears.

Next up

Not much of an explanation here. This might be everything I love packed into a 3 minute video.


The Man with the Golden Gun.

What a call, i love when commentators make references that sound bad ass and apply perfectly to the situation. Cudos to the Caps announcer.

On to the next one

Roll the highlight reel

Tyler Ennis, so under rated, and loves to make the Canadiens’s lives miserable. Sounds like my type of guy.

Here we have what might just be the most unlikely event to ever happen in Sports History.

“HE SCORES!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT WE JUST SAW.” Pure passion, fuckin love it.

Now we return to good old Doc.

Throwback to Johnny T chipping the puck past Brayden Holtby 15 seconds into OT and listening to Doc lose his mind.

We return again to this years playoffs, and another OT winner against the capitals. Cue Derek Stepan.

Doc loses his shit here and I love every second of it, even if that moment broke my heart.

Ahhh this is much better

You go Jack Edwards, you crazy bastard.

Bruins bonanza.

Not only can you listen to Doc’s “SCOREE”, you get to listen to the crowd at the Garden go ape shit as well. The Blackhawks may have won that series but we threw everything we had at them.

Now we’re down to the top two, at least that I can currently think of.

First: the greatest Doc Emrick moment of all time

THEY SCOREEEEEEEEEEEE HENRIQUE!!!!!!! IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Gives me chills and I’m not even a Devils fan.

Up next is my favorite hockey call of all time.

“After 3 years and 19 playoff games against Chicago, for Vancouver, It’s a wonderful day for an exorcism.” That”s pure poetry right there. Announcer goes nuts when the goal happens, then makes an epic movie reference immediately after. Amazing, I have a semi just sitting here watching it all over again.

Here’s to a new season and plenty of epic moments to come.