Oh My God, Are People Really Falling For This “Yeezer” Bullcrap???


So in case you missed it, some square-wheeled oxygen thief at Ohio State (should I stop there?) decided to make a full album of Weezer and Kanye West mashups, the latter of the two recently announcing his candidacy for president in 2020.

Side note – same individual went on the record as saying “Beverly Hills” is Weezer’s best song.

Do we really have to open this can of beans again?

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.15.51 PM

News flash! Your boy over here isn’t exactly a huge fan of that song. I’ve said many-a-times in the past that if I were going to rank every Weezer song, Beverly Hills would come in last.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.17.28 PM

Which bring me to my next point.

“The best of Weezer.”



One of the Weezer songs used on here is a little diddy called “The Girl Got Hot”, off of 2009’s train wreck¬†Raditude. That one could beat out “Beverly Hills” for Mr. Irrelevant.

Final point:



Okay, it’s not a full album, but yes, Weezer, also on that Courtney Cox post-plastic surgery of an album¬†Raditude, decided it would be a great idea to invite one Lil Wayne, AKA “Weezy”, into the studio. the product was the ear-poisoning track “Can’t Stop Partying”. Here it is being performed on Lopez Tonight, which I feel really exemplifies animosity and shame in itself.

In conclusion, we as humanity should come together and leave the natural divide between Weezer and rap music as it was in 1994. There’s no place for this on our society. #DefendTheWall