One Of The Coldplay Guys Not Named Chris “Can’t Wait” For The New Album and Its First Single To Drop

Jonny be like…

First off, nice to see y’all again. Sorry I haven’t been posting, because I just know you’ve been dying to hear from the Fitz front. My laptop was dead for over a week since I’m an idiot and lost my charger (80 friggin’ bucks for a new one; thanks Apple!) and I just never really got to the whole blawg thing due to that and school/work. But I’m back.

But back to business, as resident Coldplayer here, it’s my duty to report happenings involving the four boys, including how Jonny Buckland, the lead guitarist, is amped for A Head Full Of Dreams to inhabit our eardrums.

In a horribly translated article from Italian to ‘MERICAN, Buckland expresses the upcoming timetable for the band.

“I can not wait to come out the first single and the album,” Buckland said in the translated article after receiving a lobotomy.

Obviously he didn’t say those exact words and a turkey with a pair of Groucho Marx glasses would provide better syntax, but after fighting through the aneurism you get after reading that butchered translation  you understand that something’s on the horizon.

WIll, the drummer, mentioned that he’s been studying Indian religion and the traditions and whatnot, and considering that they had a video shoot in India a few weeks ago we might be getting a, dare I say, Sgt. Pepper-Indian-vibe album. Wonder if @sgt_pepper19 would approve of that…