Happy 11th Birthday To Game 7 Of The 2004 ALCS!!!!

EDIT: I’m an idiot and originally said it was the 10 year anniversary. Brendan made a boo-boo. Maybe that explains why I only got a C in math last smemester.

Eleven years since the Boston Red Sox did the impossible. Eleven years since Joe Castiglione called a 10-3 victory in Yankee Stadium “the greatest victory in team history.” Eleven years since The Idiots completed the #1 comeback of all-time, beating out MJ’s return, Reggie Miller’s spanking of the Knicks, and a well placed “Yo mama” chirp. Jesus, I’m getting old.

The thing about Game 7 against the Yankees was that, with the exception of Game 3, it was probably the worst game of the series in the eyes of an unbiased and neutral party. The only real excitement came in the first inning when Papi smacked a 2-run dinger to open the scoring,

and Johnny Damon hitting an early grand slam in addition to another homer.

But as a Sox fan, you were on edge all game long. I know I was just a lil’ youngin’ back then, but I knew the stakes. I saw my dad nervously pacing. At that point in the Sox history, a 6 run lead early on in an elimination game was certainly not enough, and when the Yankees scored a run off of Derek Lowe I’m sure half of Red Sox Nation was already preparing for a collapse.

But Lowe stole the show, as I rhyme accidentally. One run on one hit in six solid innings of work, an absolutely gutsy performance.

To quote Bill Simmons from Four Days in October, “What starting pitcher starts a game 7 on two days rest? He’d be a hero in any other city and he’s like the #8 hero in this whole four game series!”

But again, when Pedro Martinez inexplicably came into the game in the 7th and gave up two runs, Boston was collectively hoding their breath. Chants of “Who’s Your Daddy” rang through the Bronx yet again as Pedey took to the bump and surrendered more late damage in a second consecutive ALCS Game 7.

But, thank God for Mark Bellhorn.


Orlandoooooo Caaaaaaaabreraaaaaaaaa hit a sac fly to drive in another run and make it double digits, Alan Embree gets it to two outs in the bottom of the 9th needing to just retire Ruben Sierra…

…and the rest is history.

Red Sox fans deserved a nice blowout in this game considering the stress that went into the first six games, especially 4 and 5. There wouldn’t have been a more perfect ending than a satisfying blowout win in enemy territory to complete what many thought to be unfathomable. This win eleven years ago to the day helped solidify these 25 men as legends in this area and this sport. For those of us who watched the ’04 Red Sox, we can never forget the joy that they brought us and the memories they provide to diehard fans like me. Shit, when I’m bored in a class or something I run through the roster to pass time. Hey, better than thinking of this year’s team!

They’ll forever hold a place in my heart, and on October 20th, 2004, they earned a permanent spot in baseball history.

Take it away, Dropkick Murphys!!!!