Bracketville S2 E2 is LIVE! Best Sports Rants

Disclaimer: At some points, our mics weren’t off so you heard (mainly) me and Levitt blabble about turning the mics off. Ironic to say the least. Also, you hear Stromski talk about Cheez-Its. We’re on our way to being professionals, but we’re not there yet. Sry. At least you can hear our live reactions to Torts chirping a squid reporter.

Anywho, this is a pretty funny episode if I do say so myself. Some of these rants, from AI to TO to the CCU head coach, are liquid gold. The best part about it, besides our #HotTakes on it, is that you get to hear them in all of their glory right on the podcast.

So tune in! You’ll be angry if you don’t and you’ll rant about it to your friends.

“Damn, should’ve listen to Bracketville!”-dumb people