QUINCY NEWS: It’s Featured In Fallout 4, Plus A Guide To Surviving A Post-Nuclear City Of Presidents

So as you can see by this graph…



the new video game Fallout 4 is set in the Boston area. The virtual Beantown has suffered a futuristic nuclear attack, so that’s not really pissah dude guy khed. I’m not a big Fallout fan–just never got into it– but Andersen blogged about this a few months ago.

If you do a little meandering, Doc Emrick style, around that map on IGN (first link) you see that juuuuuust south of Boston are a few spots representing the Quincy area.

Just imagine that sign as if it went through a nuclear attack that killed most of mankind.


Midas whale play this game now just to explore how accurate a hypothetical post-Doomsday Quincy is to the real thing that we all know. I imagine it’s pretty similar. I mean, most the characters in the game are deformed physically and mentally due to all those chemicals and elements (are those the right words? Journalism major, not a science one by any stretch of the imagination) and I’m sure those behaviors and appearances aren’t too different from what we see on the Red Line. Does the in-game newspaper mention the nuke as a secondary story behind another historical reminder? I can see it now: Main headline is “HEY GUYS WE HAD TWO PRESIDENTS!!!!” followed by a lil’ snibbit (not a real word; deal with it) about how life as we know it has been completely and utterly destroyed.

If you look at the Quincy area, there aren’t really many recognizable landmarks; most of the spots are just areas exclusive to the game. However, the big 3 ones that jump out are in fairly accurate areas.

The “Quincy Police Station” is pretty much where it should be…

the spot for the “Quincy Quarries” is fair…

and considering the name and location (a smidge NW of the police station) I imagine that the “Quincy Ruins” is Merrymount Park/Adams Field. Sooooooooo does that mean that there’s not gonna be a Flag Day celebration in the game?

With all that in mind, I thought to myself, “This game must be pretty accurate, so what would I have to do to survive in the Fallout version of Quincy?”

Well, I’m sure it’s not too different than surviving in the actual Q.

-As always, pronounce it right. Quin-Z. Not Quin-C. The golden rule is the only place where C comes before Z is the dictionary. Z>C.

-If you could get through a few years as a young adolescent in the depressing building that they called the old Central Middle School, then you can handle pretty much any building thrown at you in the game. Old Central was basically a post-apocalyptic ruin anyhow.

-Disregard that last point, surviving in buildings, if any buildings are even constructed in the game. If it takes eons to even get the plans to build something rolling, it’s hard to imagine any rebuilding of Quincy would be done after a nuke is dropped and countless structures are wiped out.

-Whatever you might need to survive, Kam Man probably doesn’t have it.

-If you’re operating a vehicle, drive around Quincy Center. Not many people are alive with you but I can guarantee there are still cars out there in the middle of the road doing absolutely nothing, not movin’, sittin’ on the fuckin’ thumbs, waitin’ for someone to pass, not takin’ that GREEN ARROW LIKE COME ON IT’S TELLIN’ YOU TO GO SO FUCKIN’ GO ASSHOLE!!!!

-Don’t walk through Quincy Center either. Chances of dying/being viciously attacked/being just straight up scarred or creeped out go up exponentially in that area of town. Especially near Sully’s; that place is the definition of sketch. Matter of fact, just avoid Quincy Center at all costs.

-The whole “don’t walk through Quincy Center” thing is flipped the other way around for West Quincy. We don’t bite. Or, at least that’s what we want you to think.

-When in doubt, rep Murdamount. Just wanted to throw that in there because it kinda rhymed.

-That rat issue that we had a few months ago? Yeah, won’t be getting much better since they’re gonna be 500 times bigger and with more limbs after the nuke. Get help with those things.

-Trying to outrun and lose some enemies on your tail? Head into Roxie’s; no one would wanna go in there, even if it meant giving up their pursuit. Be sure to bring a gas mask, though.

-Find Blackistone. At all costs.

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-If you’re questioning whether an unknown person is a friend or foe, using a countersign can help. When the Americans in WW2 wanted to make sure that unknown soldiers were American, one would say “flash” and the other would have to reply with “thunder.” In Quincy, initiate the exchange by yelling “Who fahted?” If the reply isn’t “East Milton,” then you know it’s an enemy.

-A nice alternative to a fire fight with a Quincy citizen is a rap battle. You’ll probably win, and you’ll save ammo. Well, literal ammo, that is; might have to surrender some solid freestyle bars though.

-Ignore the high school freshmen. Just let them be.

-Charisma is one of the attributes in the game. Having a high charisma rating means better interactions with others, which could bring many benefits for you. You could spend hours upon hours trying to get your XP up in order to improve your charisma stats, or you could just buy people stuff from Grumpy White’s. It doesn’t take as long, and it brings you the same results. A Grumpy Double here, a buff chick sub there, and in no time you’re the most well liked survivors in the city.

-Firing up the USS Salem to destroy some mofos might not be too bad of an idea if it’s still. Just hope it doesn’t instantly fall apart on ya…but if it’s still there in the first place I imagine it could still work? I dunno. That’s for you to find out.

I’m actually extremely excited to find out how Quincy looks in this game. Feel free to tweet at me–@BfitzP17–if you snag any screenshots of the City of Presidents after being bombed to Hell and back.