Only In Dreams: The Wilderness Politics Tour

Every once in awhile, two of your favorite artists actually hit the road together. That’s the case this Friday night, as New Politics and Andrew McMahon crash the House of Blues on Lansdowne St. with the Griswolds.

They also double as the two artists I met and took selfies with this summer *dunks over entire defense*.

This one’s a little different because I’ve actually seen New Politics before and this will be my fourth time seeing Andrew McMahon. McMahon is interesting because there are actually four possible monickers that have the potential to have songs on his setlist.

There’s his current project (Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness), his first band Something Corporate, his solo career from that band called Jack’s Mannequin, and a “solo” EP called The Pop Underground EP that was released after he decided to start using his real name for his solo catalogue. So technically, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and Jack’s Mannequin are the same band, even have members in common.


Assuming he’ll perform first, here’s my dream setlist:

*I have not looked at any setlists for this tour, so here’s to hoping 15 is the right number*

1.”Canyon Moon” (Wilderness)

2.”High Dive” (Wilderness)

3.”I Woke Up In A Car” (Something Corporate)

*Acknowledge that it’s been 10 years since Everything In Transit (Jack’s Mannequin) was released (4-11 off that album)*

4. “Holiday From Real”

5. “The Mixed Tape”

6. “Bruised”

7. “I’m Ready”

8. “La La Lie”

9. “Dark Blue”

10. “Miss Delaney”

11. “Into The Airwaves”

12. “Ruthless” (Something Corporate)

13. “See Her On The Weekend” (Wilderness)


14. “Synesthesia” (The Pop Underground EP)

15. “Cecilia And The Satellite” (Wilderness)

While I do love the Wilderness album, Everything In Transit is one of the best albums of the 2000’s and hopefully it’s 10-year anniversary is honored in some way other than just a reissue.

Now for New Politics…


1. “When You Were Young” (The Killers cover)

I know, I know, it’s a long shot. But it would be bad ass.

2. “Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens)”

3. “Goodbye Copenhagen”

4. “Die Together”

5. “West End Kids”

6. “Die Together”

7. “Give Me Hope”

8. “15 Dreams”

9. “50 Feet Tall”

10. “Girl Crush”

11. “Fall Into These Arms”

12. “Strings Attached”

*Includes “Bitch I’m Gold” and “STD”*


13. “Tonight You’re Perfect”

14. “Aristocrat”

15. “Harlem”

If they open with “When You Were Young” the whole world owes me $10 a piece. If not I’m doing a class walkout because of the way I’m poorly treated as a straight, white male.