GoT Swings for the Fences with Season 6 Poster

GoT season 6There ya go folks, Lord Snow will return

Hell. Yes. Of all the season 5 cliffhangers the show could’ve hinted at with their first poster, they pick the one they were trying to keep under wraps the most. The show runners lied the god damn president, they told the leader of the free world that Jon Snow was dead. I never believed it for a second. Well, I believed that he was dead, but I knew with absolute certainty he would come back. Isn’t that right Sammy Boy?

Samwell Tarlyboner jams 2k15. Don’t wanna jump up and down and say I told ya so but I told ya so. Some might argue “well how do we know thats not his corpse?” Well judging by the way his hair is falling and his head is positioned, he’s at least standing upright, whether or not he’s a white walker, ehhhh well I hope not.

But of sho when I saw that poster I got goosebumps, few still images that involve people with clothes on ever get me excited. They are, respectively, the poster for Black Hawk Down, and the album cover for Oxymoron (Deluxe Edition); see the regular album cover, then go look at the deluxe edition and you’ll see what I mean. One might throw the original poster for Quantum of Solace in there, of Bond’s shadow holding the submachine gun, in there too.

One thing is true above all else, GoT show runners have us all on a leash, they control our every move. They told us they took away our favorite toy and it was gone forever but leave it on a spot on the counter where we can see the corner of it and we sit there all excited. It’s all mind games man.

But who can guess, we gotta wait a few more months so they can honeydick us some more with the first trailer. I can only assume they’ll sauce him in there somewhere.

But I may know nothing.