New ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer Basically Tells you the Entire Movie


I’m not gonna say I hated the trailer since that simply wouldn’t be true. The beginning part of it was awesome. The dialogue between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, they both gotta know who the other really is. The line about the psychos dressed like clowns gave me goosebumps. Then we get Jessie Eisenberg… ahhhhhhh. I’m not gonna give up on him yet but so far when I see Lex Luthor I see Jessie Eisenberg, not the character of Lex Luthor, but I’m giving ya a chance Jessie. Then we get to see Superman fighting Batman, thanks to an in depth analyzation from “Mr. Sunday Movies” on youtube, in a brief scene, we see Batman fulfill his promise and make Superman bleed. Then we get the point at which I deem the trailer to be too much, we actually get a look at the films third act that looks like it’ll be the inevitable Batman/Superman/Wonderwoman team up to fight Doomsday.

COME ON MANNN!!!!! You can’t show the coolest reveal/scene of the movie in the damn trailer!!! (or what I can assume to be the biggest reveal of the movie). Fuckin JJ Abrams over here won’t even show us Luke Skywalker in the trailers for the Force Awakens, and we basically got shown the beginning, middle, and end of a movie that doesn’t even come out for like a year or something. Take notes Mr. Snyder, or advertising crew, whoever produced it. Regardless my ass will be in the seat for both these movies, regardless of their trailers, cause Superman has always been my favorite superhero and I think this new version of him is a total badass, and now I get to see him fight/team up with  Batman? Can’t ask for much else.