If CFP Was 16 Teams (It Should Be)

Now I love that the College Football Playoff is finally at 4 teams, but I truly believe it should be a 16 team system.  Having a system like this that includes each conference champion would make the little guys actually matter.  People will say that it is ridiculous because it will ruin the regular season are missing the point.  This gives every team a chance at making a meaningful postseason trip, rather than the big boys making it every year.  This sport is the only one in America where every team does not an outside chance at winning it all every year.  It is limited to the Power 5 conferences.  In a system like this we would see every conference champ make the playoff, as well as six at-large, making every game matter.  Each conference would have a title game, and the winner of that would be in the playoff.  Here is what the first-round matchups would look like with this system this year:

#16 Arkansas State (9-3, Sun Belt Champ) at #1 Clemson (13-0, ACC Champ)

#15 San Diego State (10-3, MWC Champ) at #2 Alabama (12-1, SEC Champ)

#14 Bowling Green (10-3, MAC Champ) at #3 Michigan State (12-1, Big Ten Champ)

#13 Western Kentucky (11-2, C-USA Champ) at #4 Oklahoma (11-1, Big 12 Champ)

#12 Houston (12-1, AAC Champ) at #5 Iowa (12-1, At-Large)

#11 TCU (10-2, At-Large) at #6 Stanford (11-2, Pac-12 Champ)

#10 North Carolina (11-2, At-Large) at #7 Ohio State (11-1, At-Large)

#9 Florida State (10-2, At-Large) at #8 Notre Dame (10-2, At-Large)

The first round games would be played at the higher seeds stadiums, quarterfinals and semifinals at bowls, and the championship at a neutral site.  I used the committee’s ranking and my own judgment on the unranked teams for seeding.  Don’t lie, these matchups intrigue you.  Houston’s Greg Ward Jr. against that stout Iowa defense, while Florida State and Notre Dame playing for a probable rematch with Clemson.  Marquise Williams leads UNC into the Horseshoe while a healthy TCU heads to the Farm to take on Stanford.  These matchups will generate revenue for everyone involved, and will be played mostly during winter break, not affecting class.  Even though this system will probably never come to fruitarian, I’m allowed to dream right?