After 20 year hiatus, “Independence Day: Resurgence” Trailer Arises


I remember growing up as a kid and always seeing Independence Day on AMC during the summer, it was a classic old fashioned blockbuster. Man vs Alien and this time we didn’t win because they were allergic to our water or some shit. We beat them the old-fashioned way, blowing them the fuck up. Now here I am at 19 years old and the sequel’s trailer has dropped. I’m gonna be honest, it looks like they’re taking it in the right direction.

Cool idea of us harnessing their technology to better our own. Jeff Goldblum returns as the eccentric doctor/scientist guy who’s name doesn’t really matter cause you just know him as Jeff Goldblum. They’ve brought in Liam Hemsworth as the obligatory tall white hero guy and even Bill Pullman seems to have made a comeback, good to see that guy again, like a flashback to the 90’s all over again. ¬†Even Roland Emmerich returns as director. I hope this movie can pull off the same feel as the first one. i feel like a big draw of the first movie was the fact that we had inferior technology and still won, now that we too have advanced tech… I just hope it still packs the same punch.