‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Trailer Drops and Did it Really Impress Anyone?

Sooooooooo the trailer for the third Star Trek movie dropped and I ask the question, was anyone mind blown? It looks decent, but the third film in a franchise is usually where shit goes down, where the stakes are higher than ever. From what I can tell, this movie is actually gonna simplify things, take away the Enterprise and put everyone on a weird planet with little supplies type of storyline. Is this the right path to take when fuckin STAR WARS is about to drop at the end of the week??? Come on bro even the guy who rebooted your franchise jumped ship to reboot Star Wars (and according to early reviews he’s done a hell of a job. Bravo Mr. Abrams.) Now you’re dropping a trailer of what looks like a mediocre sequel? How are you gonna top having a guy named Benedict Cumberbatch play your bad guy in the previous movie? At least ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ tried to trump what was obviously gonna be the peak of their franchise with ‘The Dark Knight’. Looks like Star Trek is doing a little dump and change instead of forechecking their tithes off and fighting tooth and nail to make their best yet. I hope I’m wrong and this movie kicks ass, maybe Justin Lin (director of Fast 5 and Furious 6) pimps out the series and has hot alien babes walking next to really nice cars/ships like he does in Fast 5…except their hot regular babes… and their all around normal cars… yeah. I like his style.Unless this is based off some epic Star Trek storyline I’ve never heard of (which is possible, never followed the old school Star Trek series); I digress, based off this first trailer, I aint impressed, but maybe thats cause of the hype I have for this weekend, not quite sure.