Its Time to Talk Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Spoiler Free section

Last Thursday at midnight, the wait was over. After 10 years without a Star Wars movie and 32 years (arguably) without a good  one. Well, that streak has finally ended. Stitched Up founder John Andersen and I saw this movie Saturday afternoon, and we loved it. I walked out of there with a smile on my face and an anger in my heart that I have to wait two years for it’s sequel. I loved it so much that I went just the next night and saw the whole thing over again. There’s just so much to love here for Star Wars fans, the audience erupted during nostalgic moment and applauded when the closing credits began. The new characters are amazing, and many of a certain amount of depth to them, in particularly Kylo Ren. He has a side of humanity to him that makes him so much more dangerous then what we’ve seen before. With Darth Vader, ironically, he always seemed in control of his emotions even when he was force choking one of his admirals or something. Kylo Ren has no problems showing his anger or frustration and that makes him terrifying. Youtube movie critic Chris Stuckmann said it best in his spoiler free review (I’ll post the spoiler one later on).

(yeah I know he’s a huge nerd but the guy knows film better than anyone I know. He’s one of my biggest inspirations)

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There’s no going back

stop plz if you haven’t seen it

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Alrighty that should do it. So a lot of people thought this movie was too similar to a New Hope, which is JJ Abrams’s favorite of the series. I can see their similarities but all I have to say is that I still had a fucking blast with this movie, the dogfights were amazing, seeing the Falcon was amazing, the humor was amazing, Han Solo and Chewie were amazing, and all the cameos were amazing. Loved seeing the actors from the Raid as one of the gangs that try to get even with Han Solo only to be eaten by those three monster things. I figured that Kylo Ren was somehow a Skywalker but I assumed he would be Luke’s kid, not Leia and Han’s. When he took off his helmet I thought “wow, he’s not intimidating, he looks like a kid. A kid who might go nuts and shoot up a public place, but a kid”. I walked into this movie almost certain that Han Solo was gonna die. I knew Harrison Ford wanted Han to die in Return of the Jedi  but Lucas wouldn’t allow it, I figured JJ Abrams would grant him his wish, sure enough he did. I’m at peace with it. My only gripe is that I wanted Luke and Han to be reunited one last time. Also, awesome twist that Rey was actually our badass jedi and not Fin. I know in all the advertisements its Fin holding the lightsaber, but watching the movie I was like “they haven’t shown a single thing to imply Fin is in touch with the force” an sure enough, its Rey. The final lightsaber battle in the snowy forest was awesome. I agree with critics when they say that the whole time the two looked like they wanted to kill each other and not the choreographed shit we’re used to. Loved Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. Thing was all staticy and looked unstable (kinda like Ren himself) and it was badass. And last but certainly not least, Poe. Poe was my favorite character. That guy is the definition of a charismatic badass. Oscar Isaac wins 2015 thats for sure. He did great portraying Poe, and I can’t wait for his standalone movie next year. Here’s Stuckmann’s spoiler review, and like I said, no one says it better than him.