Nudes’s Top 10 Films That Shouldn’t be Left in 2015

10. Jurassic World

Jurassic World

Here me out, a lot of people didn’t like it but I thought it was a perfectly entertaining movie. Yeah a lot of throwbacks to the original but still a fun movie.

9. Sicarcio 


Denis Villeneuve (director of Prisoners) strikes again with this thriller that Chris Stuckmann describes best as “dirty”. You feel the grit of this thriller upon watching, and Villeneuve nailed the daunting thriller style once again.

8. Ex Machina


Cool original science fiction is my type of thing. I’m a huge fan of Danny Boyle’s “Sunshine”, this film is made by Alex Garland, who usually works closely with Boyle. Questionable ending, but thought provoking film nonetheless who’s two male leads when on to star in Star Wars.

7. Kingsman: The Secret Service


Holy shit I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun watching a movie before I saw Kingsman. What an awesome movie, fun, over-the top action and great dirty humor that we all love. Samuel L. Jackson was hilarious and Colin Firth… I will never doubt your actions skills again; I’ve rewatched the church scene 100 times. Wow.

6. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


The resurgence of the Mission Impossible movies continue as Ethan Hunt takes on bad guys and company and its got all the stunts and action and humor you could ask for. One of those movies I’ll throw on anytime its on HBO.

5. Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton.jpg

This movie was straight flames. Closest I came to crying in a theater. Must watch again. Heartfelt, informative, and a look at what life is like on the there side of the fence.

4. The Hateful 8


Tarantino does it again. This film reminds me a lot of Reservoir Dogs in terms of the isolated location and a bunch of characters who don’t trust each other. Great performances all around. Highly recommended. Busted my balls laughing too.

3. The Martian 


This movie was awesome, going into it I was expecting to be depressed like I was watching castaway, but this movie was hilarious. Matt Damon is the most charismatic and optimistic man on the planet (wink wink). Ridley Scott does it again, can’t wait to see again.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road


What a lovely day it was when I saw this movie. Yeah a lot of people think its short on plot, and they’re right. But it makes up for it with the best action I’ve seen since the Raid 2. Literally a two hour car chase filled with mayhem and badassery. Loved Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy and the score.

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakensstar wars

Was there ever any doubt? This was the only movie that the audience applauded and cheered and raved and laughed and cried and it was Star Wars. I loved the Force Awakens, I’ve seen it twice already and I’ll see it another 100 times.