Is Michael Bay Smarter Than We Give Him Credit?


When you hear the name Michael Bay, what comes to mind?

Explosions do, gun fights do, babes do, unnecessarily and most of the time unwarranted humor, ya know the works.

Well I saw the movie 13 Hours a couple weeks ago, and I was blown away. You could tell that Bay actually wanted to make something that would pay respects to the lives lost that fateful night in Benghazi, Libya. There was humor but it wasn’t typical Bay stuff, the action was kickass, as were the characters. John Krasinski was a badass, James Badge Dale was fuckin amazing, you bought these guys as brothers, not because they had known each other since birth, but because of their similar experiences in the military they’re able to bond together.

13Hours sits at a 7.6 rating on IMDB, thats pretty fuckin good, I expect to drop slightly over the next few weeks but overall  it should stay in the mid 7 range, for comparison, Lone Survivor sits at a 7.6 as well, Black Hawk Down at a 7.7, and so on.

So we must ask, why doesn’t Bay take his directorial style and make solid movies like this one? Why does he churn out piles of shit like any and all of the Transformers movies (save for the first one maybe?)?? Well cause his piles of shit make a metric FUCK ton of money. The Transformers franchise has spawned like a gagillion dollars?? Now that we’ve seen what he can do, and what he does most of the time… why? But the fact that they make so much money.. does that say more about him, or those who pay to see them?