The Psychological Terror in “The Witch” Trailer



I’ve watched the trailer for this movie at least 20 times, and it scares the hell outta me every time. Every shot in this trailer has a purpose, when I saw it in theaters, it hit me hard. The second shot in this trailer messes with you on a psychological level.


This sequence right here man, the camera shows from the back of the wagon as it pulls away from the gated village, the native americans (everyone knows they’re badass) look back at them with looks on their faces like “where the fuck are they going?” and then the gates to the village shut in your face. That made my skin crawl, like the most badass warriors are like “they’re going out there?” and then the gate shuts in your face, locking you out and know you’re on your own. The next shot of the family in the woods, huddled around a fire surrounded my darkness, and then the farm.

They set up shop in a field next to this set of woods

aaaa witch

How creepy is that shit eh? Fuck that noise. couldn’t pay me to go in there, Perfect amount of light so you can tell whats in front of you but not enough to see what lurks in the trees.

THEN We get the money shot of the whole baby going adios sequence. Then we get the kid inside the woods sequence


Can you imagine being this kid? You’re like 13 years old holding a gun thats twice your size, probably half your weight, wildly inaccurate, and takes 57 minutes to reload, its getting dark, you have no light source, its like 1630 so if you trip and cut your leg then you have to cut it off and bleed to death cause thats how things went back then, AND you got a witch stalking you. Fuck that. Only way I feel comfortable in those woods is with a Ranger platoon armed to the teeth, locked, cocked, and ready to rock and roll, equipped with NODs, and comms in order to call in air support and artillery fire. At least 4 of the Rangers must have M249 SAWs with tracer rounds so as soon as we find that little mud hut we can light that thing up like a Christmas Tree, I’m talking thousands of rounds peppering that bad boy turning it into swiss cheese, THEN we start rocking it with the M203 grenade launchers, and calling in ordinance to turn that hut of black magic into a crater big enough to  turn into a lake.

But I aint scared tho. The Witch in theaters February 19th, this trailer has me hyped. It relies on tension rather than jump scares, almost entire darkness except for fire. and that’s why it will be a success.