New Batman v Superman Trailer Makes You Wonder Why It Wasn’t Here Earlier

Did anyone not love this trailer? The only gripe I have is why the fuck they decided to make this one the last trailer they release when it should’ve been their first, and the rest should’ve followed the lead.

This is the perfect trailer for a movie buff, it doesn’t give away too much, unless you count Batman beating the piss outta bad guys as a spoiler cause that was fucking cool. After the last trailer I clicked on this one thinking “oh boy what other part of the story are they gonna give away?”  I was dead wrong.

Instead we saw the situation from Batman’s point of view, he sees Superman as a threat, which we can understand, if Superman wanted to he could fly around the world using heat vision and turn the Earth to ash and nothing would be able to stop him. But Superman wouldn’t do that cause he’s fuckin Superman and he’s a stud (but Bruce Wayne doesn’t know that of course). So here we have it, as Lex Luthor says in the trailer “the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world, God vs Man”.

Then we get those shots of Batman trying to run Superman over but of course the bat mobile just bounces of Superman. A lot of people have asked, how is this gonna be a fair fight? Superman is invincible, we don’t know how yet, but the most important shot of the trailer is when Superman winds up and swings at Batman and he BLOCKS the punch. Superman just looks in awe at his arm like “that’s not supposed to happen” and the look on his face is utter shock and fear. Even when he was fighting Zod in Man of Steel he never really seemed afraid, just pissed off, he was distraught at the end of that  fight, but the “oh shit” face he has when Batman blocks his punch is something we haven’t seen before and it says it all.

If you weren’t excited to see this movie earlier, you should be now.