The Witch: Movie Review


The Witch has been a movie I’ve been anticipating for a long time and today it finally delivered.

What I witnessed was one of the most disturbing, genuinely terrifying movies I’ve ever seen. Let it be known now that the star of the movie, the daughter, played by Anya Taylor-Joy is a stud and will probably become the next Daisy Ridley. ANYWAY, this was unlike any horror film I had seen in theaters, even great ones like The Conjuring played with the typical hollywood tropes, but not this one, there is barely (if any) jump scares in the entire movie, it is all based around tension, suspense, and last but certainly not least… the fear of the unknown. We follow a deeply religious family going up against evil, an evil from an unknown origin, they accuse one another until it all comes crashing down.

In order for our feelings to be conveyed to you, one must simply watch the film. Then give it a few hours and let the questions and the unknown seep into your mind. I spent the majority of my night at a party that was a lot of fun and in the back of my mind this movie was all I could think about. I want to give a serious shoutout to Robert Eggers, the first time director and writer for crafting a horror movie that becomes scarier and more disturbing with the more thought you put into it.

Go see The Witch if you’re up to the task. You will leave uncomfortable to say the least, sickened, but with each passing moment you will realize the in depth psychological terror this film wrecks upon you, long after you left the theater.

Lord knows I’m saying a Prayer before bed tonight. For there is in fact, evil in the wood.