Why Are Critics Panning Batman v Superman?


Me trying to figure out what part of Batman v Superman critics hate so much.

I rolled out of bed this morning to go to the 9 am showing of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with Stitched Up creator John Andersen and mutual amigo Ian Crittenden. When we left the theater, all of us were puzzled as to why this movie was being shat on by everyone who saw it. I went into this movie excited regardless but knowing that all of my favorite youtube movie reviewers had given it  a poor grade. We had a hell of a time watching this movie.

Ben Affleck killed it as Batman, arguably the best part of this movie. He is a badass, who opts for more brute strength in taking down his enemies as opposed to the Dark Knight’s more agile, martial arts approach. His origin story is quick and to the point, we get the quick summary as opposed to an hour and a half set up. And of course we get the return of our beloved Superman.

I was a huge Man of Steel fan, i don’t care about all these comic book purists saying “blah blah blah this is a disgrace Superman doesn’t kill people!!” Well sometimes its unavoidable folks. Would you have preferred he let that family burn at the end of Man of Steel just so he can stand on his moral high ground? Fuck outta here, I wanted a badass Superman who tears shit up and fights bad guys and thats what I got. I wanted a badass Batman who kicks the SHIT out of anyone he may come across and is capable of giving Superman a run for his money and thats what I got. I got a fight between the two that everyone can agree they loved.

Is this movie perfect? Is it as good as The Winter Soldier or the first Avengers movie? No but I’d rather watch this movie over fuckin Ant-man or something. Know why? Cause Batman and Superman are the greatest superheroes of all time and in this movie I had a blast watching them fight together.

Zach Snyder did fine, and his visuals were great as per usual. Could they have cut out some parts of the movie to make it flow a little better? Sure, but I would give this movie a 7.5-8/10 regardless, I can’t wait to see it again.

Bottom Line: If you enjoyed Man of Steel, you’ll love this movie, all three of us liked Man of Steel and loved this one. Most of the people shitting on this movie weren’t huge fans of it, and were disappointed by this one too. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I had a kick ass, epic time at the movie theater, I hope you do too.