The Anticlimactic Season Finale of ‘The Walking Dead’

Let it be known that this will include spoilers for the Walking Dead Season 6.


“Hi, I’m Negan”

  The heavily anticipated appearance of Walking Dead super villain Negan finally arrived Sunday night and just as I had said as soon as he was cast, Jeffrey Dean Morgan knocked it clean out of the fucking park. Unfortunately, he was hands down the best part to the episode, and he was only in it for the final 10 minutes.

   It looked like Morgan cut down for his role, I always knew him as a large hulking muscular human being like his character was in Supernatural and Watchmen but he looked much smaller here, more lean muscle than the big bulky kind I guess. Anyway, whether he’s playing a good guy or a bad guy, you know he’s going to absolutely kill it, and he did here. Obviously in the comics every other word out of Negan’s mouth is “fuck” but the writers did a good job encapsulating his personality while omitting the F-bomb from his vocabulary.

 He was so good that I sat there WANTING him to bash a beloved characters brains in with a bat. I wanted to see him smile and swing and see him make contact just like he does in the graphic novels.

“You guys start pissin’ your pants yet?” “don’t worry, you will be soon.”

Being such a large human being I expected Negan to be like Bane, super serious, a man of few words, totally serious all the time. Nah, this guy is charismatic and likes to fuck around with people. He’s such a hateable asshole you can’t help but love him.

   Then it came to the actual choice, Negan forces a deal with Rick that says basically that Rick has to give them half their shit and Negan gets to take his beloved Lucille (his wooden baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.) and crush one of their skulls as retribution for the men  Rick and company have killed.  He executes a very suspenseful game of einey meeny miney moe that ends in a character, shot from a first person viewpoint as Negan BASHES their fuckin brains in with Lucille. This scene and its dialogue is ripped straight from the comics including the chilling line “TAKING IT LIKE A  CHAMP!!!!!!” that Negan screams after he cracks them over the head the first time only for the victim to raise their head and look back up at him. That might be my new favorite line, “taking it like a champ!”.

The only thing holding me back from loving this scene is the fact that WE DON’T FIND OUT WHO THE FUCK DIES!!!!! Like are you fucking shitting me Scott Gimple?? Who’s shit show of an idea was that?? Everyone and their mother went into this finale waiting patiently to see a good guy get brutally beaten to death with a bat wrapped in barbed wire, I was hoping this scene would top The Mountain vs The Viper in Game of Thrones in terms of shocking violence but nope they decided to fuck us over once again. Pete Blackburn of twitter had a great comparison, saying that “it was like charging down the field at the 2 minute mark only to take a knee at the goal line”. So stupid, I think the people would’ve been a lot happier with the closure knowing who died so we could all set our sights on fighting Negan in Season 7 BUT NOPE. TUNE IN NEXT TIME ON THE WALKING DEAD TO FIND OUT WHO GETS CLUBBED TO DEATH CAUSE WE’RE SUCHA PETTY SHOW THAT WE FEEL WE NEED A CLIFFHANGER TO DRAW BACK OUR AUDIENCE. Grow the fuck up AMC, don’t punish your viewers, reward them for sticking with you this long.

That being said, long live Jeffrey Dean Morgan… and yes I’ll be back for season 7.

And if you want some satisfaction, here’s a youtube video of what happens in the comics during this sequence. *Possible Spoilers as they are pretty clear who they kill off here*.