Vinatieri Was Almost Cut In 1996

Adam Vinatieri was one kick away from getting cut in 1996

Reading this headline you think, “Wow, Bill Parcells is a moron.” Which is a valid argument since he hasn’t done shite since 1990 and rolls in to organization after organization like the Golden Horde rolled into Eastern Europe in the 13th century.¬†Sure, Parcells was able to have good¬†seasons with the Patriots, Jets and Cowboys, and the last two times he jumped ship when the team stopped doing good.

But this Vinatieri move showed a fearless edge to Parcells, like back in the reckless days of youth football when the drunk coach would give the “cup test,” which involves a broom, and optionally tears and blood. This was the first test of whether old man Adam could be clutch or not. Maybe later that season he hits a few game winners, who knows. But Parcells made him me in social situations: out of his comfort zone.

Obviously this headline is meant as click bait, which is why I followed suit, but it’s just a story of a coach doing what a coach should do.