Next Week’s GoT Episode May Confirm Popular Fan Theory

All aboard the hype train! Mind the gap and keep your hands legs and any other body part long enough to hang out the door IN the door!

So this weeks episode of GoT, the sixth of this season, is titled “Blood of my Blood.” The obvious answer is that Lyanna Stark shares blood with Ned Stark, and Jon Snow is her son. The not obvious answer is also that, since this show’s theme is recurring mind fuck.

The infamous tower scene from the transcendent fan theory “R+L=J” was teased a few weeks ago, but this is the episode everyone has been waiting for. Kit Harington confirmed after Jon Snow was resurrected that there would be an episode devoted to him, and we also expect to see a lot of Targaryen back story (probably through Bran).

Turbulence is being created amongst fan sites I frequent because the phrase “Blood of my Blood” is not only something the Dothraki say to each other, but also could apply to almost nay group of three characters on the show, since most everyone under the sun has slept with each other on the show.

Regardless, something’s in this episode is going to flip the rap game on it’s head. Get ready to blast it to the back row.

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