Girl Fight At Gunther’s In Pembroke Results in Broken Glass, Hearts


While I wasn’t going for fierce journalism or tackling the big story no one before me has had the courage to (even though apparently nobody did), I’ve been told apparently it was a water balloon (although the coffee fact has been disputed in the comments sectionP. Nevertheless, an arrest was made and news is news. I didn’t dig and reveal any information that everyone didn’t already know (but had I, it’s still news). But let’s be honest, this is a mess around blog that not even I take seriously and what did or did not happen is not what I ultimately decide to ramble about.


I’m not going to speculate here, because the only reason short of slipping a phone call to Mr. Gunther himself why I was even able to finally get this up was the fact that my mom mysteriously acquired photo evidence of the aftermath.

Like everyone on CNN, I’m going to say I’m not going to speculate and then immediately speculate. What I’ve been told is that two girls had a gripe with some other girl (all from MHS, go Rams) so they dumped coffee over her head and threw her into a window. I don’t know what it stemmed from, but “girl fight” may not be the best way to describe this. This is more like inner city Powder Puff Football level, which are attended by gargantuan congregations of males because A. The girls throw down because there’s no refs and B. One of their shirts might get pulled off (check that photo up top). I don’t know anything about these girls, their names and I don’t even dare go near their pronouns because that is a slippery slope in 2016.

What I do know is that this entire situation undoubtedly derives from the lack of a Marylou’s across the street. Because if there’s one thing I know, and any female reading this will definitely agree with me on this one, is that they wouldn’t sacrifice a Marylou’s coffee if it meant it would be dumped over the head of Judas, Hitler, or Ms. Last – whom polls show are three of the most hated people of all time. No matter what the beef, nothing is so scandalous that it means wasting away what Columbian’s pride themselves on exporting so that everyone forgets they’re not the world’s leading cocaine exporters.

Not only does this stem from that, but also because this town sucks more than Michelle Obama shutting down the old Snack Shack back in 2012 any time it’s under 60 degrees or I can’t see the sun. Everyone knows this directly results food runs/circuits such as this, and is exemplified by the fact that the local paper runs a column every week called “5 Things To Do In Marshfield This Week,” one of which from today is, Get informed and have fun at the Elks Drug Awareness Day,” as if anyone who’s not 9 and being forced to attend by their elementary school or their parents would want to go listen to a bunch of elks advance the war on drugs even further by telling them anyone who’s ever seen a drug should be behind bars. I think you’d be better off reading my thoughts here, which is informative AND fun if you want to develop a delusional psyche that doesn’t get you laid.


Moral of the story: don’t deny blood thirsty teenage girls of their Marylou’s.

Side Note:

Why was I never told that the Mariner links to this blog? Discovered that about 10 minutes ago.


13 thoughts on “Girl Fight At Gunther’s In Pembroke Results in Broken Glass, Hearts

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Your fucjin retarded get your shit right first this sopossed to be funny but not I’ll throw you into a window 2 wtf shutup your a goon

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  2. Mhs student says:

    You have to know that actually a water balloon was thrown and this all stemmed from the avoidance of a water balloon fight//a previous ongoing feud that culminated in the gunthers incident


  3. Marshfield says:

    The seniors always bomb underclassmen with water balloons at the end of the year and this one girl was hiding out at gunthers. The senior girls found out and went to gunthers with the balloons and started throwing them at her inside so the girl threw her coffee back and it turned into an all out brawl haha


    1. Citizen Demanding Action says:

      The seniors are supposed to have the water balloon fight on the last day of school (Friday), not on a Thursday. Therefore the arrests are valid. The whole senior class should be arrested for the way they disgraced the water balloon tradition. This girl was probably hiding in gunther’s because she was like oh shit they’re throwing water balloons on a Thursday what is this? Had it been on the Friday like it was supposed to be, that girl would have gladly walked into school accepting every water balloon with a smile on her face. I call for the arrests of the Senior Class Board for being held responsible for this through the transitive property.


  4. KMK says:

    I think Jocelyn needs a few water balloons to the face. who uses the word “faggot” as an insult these days? an ignorant immature child. I don’t know much about the incident because I don’t really follow little kid high school drama but I happened to come across the article. she was probably one of the people arrested. grow up Hun (stay in school too because you’re AWFUL at spelling), it’s a cruel world out there. you’re going to mouth off your little bitch mouth to the wrong person one day & they’re going to wipe your face with the pavement. 😉


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